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2009 - Campaign Summer

Excavation on Tall Zira'a
From July 28 to August 4 a short excavation campaign was carried out in Area I on Tall Zira'a. During this work the soil and stone layers of the repairing stratum were removed on the western slope of Area I, which was the foundation of the city wall built in the last phase of the late Bronze Age during the 13th-14th century B.C. The stabilization had become necessary after the slope collapsed in a big catastrophe. The thickness of these layers were about 3 meters. The repairing layers were removed to a level where the architecture of earlier strata became visible .

Area I in summer 2010

Survey in the Wadi al'Arab
From July 28 until August 15, 2009 a survey in the Wadi al'Arab and its vicinity was carried out. This survey is an integral part of the "Gadara Region Project". It is planned to be a hinterland survey for the Tall Zira'a excavation. The aim is to get a thorough understanding of the landscape in which the Tall Zira'a is the most prominent archaeological site.

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Our thanks go to all of the very generous institutions and individuals who support our work: to the Department of Antiquities of Jordan for issuing the permits for our work, to the Friends of the BAI Wuppertal as well as to the GPIA Jerusalem/Amman for their long-term and consistent facilitation of our very successful work in the "Gadara Region Project".

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